Viewing room Fuentesal & Arenillas EN – Luis Adelantado Valencia

Viewing room Fuentesal & Arenillas EN

Meet the Artists:
Fuentesal & Arenillas

Julia Fuentesal and Pablo Arenillas work at their studio surrounded by materials that are in synch with them; those that make up their artwork and make them feel at home. The warmth and intimacy that both surrounds their practice and captivates the viewer is present in their working area; the space where everything stays and, in turn, the space from which everything departs.

Approaching their proposal is approaching a universe of symbols, structures and minimal gestures that this duo of artists has rescued and formalized in works that await, patiently, the gaze of others that gives them meaning.

Meet the Artists: Fuentesal & Arenillas features a selection of six works, which, along with the artists’ references and comments are available at Luis Adelantado’s inaugural online monograph program; offering a close look at the thoughts, context and methods of process of our artists.

Falso suelo IV (cubierta brillante – margen delgado), 2020
Medium density wood, plaster, canvas, cotton fabric. 135 x 200 x 60 cm

“The sun moves through the studio from left to right altering the space. An organized chaos in constant change in which scrap material, tools, plastic walls, books and works coexist.”

Jarife III, 2020
Canvas and cloth on canvas and methacrylate frame. 104 x 84 x 6 cm
Jarife II, 2020
Canvas and cloth on canvas and methacrylate frame. 104 x 84 x 6 cm
Brillante breve vida VI, 2020
Iron, brass, medium density wood, enamel. 150 x 70 x 160 cm

“We work with materials that are close to us, that are present in our day to day or that come to us naturally. In the case of working with wood, it is a material that has always been very present in Pablo’s life, since his paternal family belongs to a carpenters’ union. We have started to work a lot with fabric too, due to our daily encounter to the material linked to the location of our studio. It is a malleable material that allows us to shape what we want easily.”

“…Do you remember when we used to observe the lights on the mirrors of the blind, up there in the highest of our city. Maybe one day, who knows, where you and I will meet again reflected in the bottomless mirror. ”
—Antonio Beneyto. Textos para leer dentro de un espejo morado, 1975. Colección OCNOS

“We use the semasiologically perspective in this book: we start from the signifiers to arrive at their significance.”
—Pedro M. Payán Sotomayor. El habla de Cádiz, 1983. Cátedra Adolfo de Castro

“A non-object displays a color-time that inevitably pushes the artist to explore and affirm the margins of pictorial and sculptural representation. These margins are neither objective nor subjective, on the contrary, they border on what I have called things.”
—Mathieu Copeland. Coreografiar Exposiciones, 2017

“…You left too soon, appearance, and we are always together. What Bertrand once said about full lines and profiles comes to my memory, sensuality, when writing. This is.”
—Yves Nacarre. Jardín de aclimatación, 1984. Plaza & Janés

“In some way or another our references shape our context. They help us understand where we come from, what precedes us. Prior thoughts and ways of doing that for us are a valuable inheritance.”

“Drawing is often our starting point. We usually have sketches on our table, drawings that we make to understand each other without words. From these daily exercises the series Lectura is born.”

Viña II, 2022
Crayon on paper. 48.5 x 34 x 10 cm

“We don’t just build with our physical environment, but also with the stories and immaterial material that surrounds us. Jarife, for example, stems from contemplation to the balance between sea and land. In our practice, relationality to the material and our free-hand takes place. The body is present in the making, the forms that come out are dislocated from it, the fabric helps us to shape it, generating senses and shaping space.”
Jarife VI, 2020
Medium density wood, cotton fabric, pins. 200 x 70 x 25 cm
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Art Direction and Project Management: Virginia Murcia
Artworks Photography: David Zarzoso
Studio Photography and Video: Amaya Hernández
Translation: Maya Guerrero